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2019 vintage in Yakima Valley WA was an ideal slow-motion challenge for white grapes. A normal Summer was followed by lower than usual temperatures in early Fall, which turned out to be very handy in keeping naturally refreshing acidity levels. Crop control was also a key tool to prevent delayed ripening and other serious issues. Overall, the grapes were elegantly balanced, profoundly aromatic and had medium sugar levels helping to stir away from unpleasant high alcohol levels. 



Unlike traditional and often unidimensional Rose wines made by bleeding red grapes, our Rossatto was made entirely of white grapes. Extended cold maceration, cold fermentation and sur lie helped to develop an eclectic array of flavors, with a soft round texture and a zesty finish. Because for some, it is all about expressing the story the vineyard wants to tell written by a Winemakers patient guidance, four grape varieties were utilized to create an irresistible multidimensional aromatic spectrum, and a sexy Rose petal hue. 


Tasting Notes

The 2019 Ficarra Cellars Rossatto elicits a wide array of sweet aromas such as lychee, passionfruit, raspberry, jasmine flowers, honeysuckle, almonds, and orange blossom. This stylish Rose wine can be shared and enjoyed as an aperitif or paired to perfection with Salmon salad, Antipasto, Gnocchi, or Calamari.  

2019 Rossatto

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